Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or experienced surfer, we will have the perfect surf trip with perfect waves that will exceed all your expectations


We will let you experience the true spirit of Peruvian surfing culture. Olas Peru Surf Travel is the most innovating, professional and experienced surf trip company that knows exactly where to take you!

Olas Peru Surf Travel is a part of Olas Peru Surf School, leading surf school in Latin America since 1992 and the take-off point of Sofia Mulanovich 2004 women world champion. Our team consists of local Peruvian surfers who have lived and surfed the Peruvian coast for all of their lives.

Our trips always include a proffessional surf guide who is also a proffessional surf instructor and local who will take you on a unforgetable surf trip.

The Olas Peru Surf Travel Team

Did you know that the ancient Peruvian Mochica people were the first surfers on earth?
Check out here how it all began, right here in Peru!


...Uncrowded, Consistent & Diverse Waves...
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